In the Moment

Jesus lived in the moment. His ministry was only 3 years long, but during those short years, He accomplished more than any of us ever will or can in our lives.

In one of my past blogs I talked about time and how it passes so quickly. In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon says everything is meaningless. If you’ve ever read or done a study on this book, it can be rather depressing.

I want to live in the moment like Jesus did. To be able to say at the end of each day and more importantly at the end of my life, “God, I’ve tried to do all that you wanted me to do.”

I know I will fail very often, but I am trying. Each day I look for ways to help others, smile at strangers, do something good, to stay positive, to control my anger, and to develop the fruit of the Spirit Who lives in me.

I get what Solomon was saying. But I think this life can be meaningful. We have to choose for it to be so.

Photo by Manasvita S on Unsplash

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