I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m not ok. I tend to overthink things often, and if I sit down and start thinking about myself, I realize I’m not ok. I call this self-evaluation..

I know people who never allow themselves to self-evaluate. They never really look at themselves, I mean really look, to see if they are being transformed like the Bible says we are supposed to be.

It’s not an easy thing to do, and it can be downright depressing! But it is so necessary to be mentally healthy as well as physically healthy. I do not always do a good job of changing my mentality. I struggle with thinking positive thoughts, but I’m learning to focus on those positive things and not dwell on the negative.

There’s a song called “Maybe It’s Okay” that I really like. Some of the words are:

Maybe it’s ok if I’m not ok
‘Cause the One who holds the world is holding onto me
Maybe it’s all right if I’m not all right
‘Cause the One who holds the stars is holding my whole life.

So, I think it’s okay to not be okay. I think we can help each other. I think that is why God allows us to go through things and to have problems. We need to rely on Him and others. Sometimes we think we have to be perfect or at least show our perfect face. But no one is perfect. We all struggle with things, and it’s important to help others go through things maybe that we’ve already experienced.

Another thing that goes along with this is to be a good listener, not only to others but also to the Holy Spirit. More on the Holy Spirit in another blog!

It’s okay, if you’re not okay. I’m not either. No one is!

Photo by Janice Gill on Unsplash

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