Falling Apart

Do you ever feel like you’re falling apart? You just don’t have it all together? I think most of us have felt that way some time or another. Maybe you feel that way all the time. Maybe you feel that way right now. Let me give you some hope. Some of you may have heard… Continue reading Falling Apart

Are You All In?

Growing up going to worship, sometimes I heard the same lessons over and over. Now as an adult, I try to look for new things and ideas in those same stories, and I really appreciate it when others bring something new to them. Last Sunday in worship, the gentleman making comments for the Lord’s Supper… Continue reading Are You All In?


What do you think of when you hear the word home? Do you think of a physical place? Where you live now? Where you grew up? Where your parents live? Or do you think of people? Your own family? Your parents? Maybe your grandparents? For many, it isn’t a pleasant place. Maybe you were abused… Continue reading Home


On our farm we have two ponds. Well, one is really a pond, and the other is when it rains a whole lot. Needless to say, this weekend there were two ponds. I love to go down to them both just to stand or sit, watch, and listen. I especially like to go to the… Continue reading Yes!


Today, this Lord’s day, I simply want to say thank you God!


Our neighbor here at the farm is a Master Shepherd. I know he has taken courses on sheep, and he has a ton of sheep. They are so cute and can be loud when you’re near them. It is the responsibility of the master shepherd to take care of the sheep by feeding them and… Continue reading Sheep

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There are many decisions in life that we have to make. Some we have to make, and we do not want to do so. Others, we have to make and feel great about it. Weighing the costs, risks, and consequences of our decisions is very hard to do especially when we don’t have much time… Continue reading Decide

Amazing Grace

There’s a song I like (I know, I like a lot of them) by Mercy Me called Flawless. It reminds me that Jesus on the Cross has made me flawless. The words says no matter how many bumps, bruises, scars, hurts, deep wounds, or pain I have, the cross has made me flawless. I have… Continue reading Amazing Grace


The other day I read an article that said people who’ve had to take care of a dying loved one probably have PTSD. For those of you who don’t know what it is, PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The dictionary defines it as ‘a mental disorder, as battle fatigue, occurring after a traumatic… Continue reading PTSD

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As a Christian who was ‘brought up in the church,’ I sometimes forget that Jesus was really a human just like me, only without sin, certainly not like me! He had some of the same feelings, pains, emotions, etc. Often times I think we all forget how human Jesus was when He walked this earth.… Continue reading Jesus