There are many decisions in life that we have to make. Some we have to make, and we do not want to do so. Others, we have to make and feel great about it.

Weighing the costs, risks, and consequences of our decisions is very hard to do especially when we don’t have much time to make them or if they are going to affect others around us.

Someone close to me has to make a big decision. They have to decide on a major surgery. It will affect all of those around them. It will affect them most of all. We don’t know the outcome. Will they survive? Will they get back to normal or reach their goal of being better than they were? Only God knows. Only this person can make the decision based on what they feel and what the doctors are telling them.

Decisions aren’t easy sometimes, but we make them every day all day. The best thing we can do is talk with God, talk with others, and be fully informed while we weigh the costs, risks, and consequences.

I know one thing for sure…it is hard to see someone in a tremendous amount of pain to the point of tears. Someone who has been strong their whole life. Someone that I love. So that is why I will support whatever decision they make and continue to pray for them.

You never know what others may be going through. So be patient with people and yourself. Be loving. Be kind. Be Jesus to them. Pray with and for them.

Decide to love.

Photo by Paz Arando on Unsplash

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