Our neighbor here at the farm is a Master Shepherd. I know he has taken courses on sheep, and he has a ton of sheep. They are so cute and can be loud when you’re near them.

It is the responsibility of the master shepherd to take care of the sheep by feeding them and knowing what they need at all times. I can’t help but think of all the examples in the Bible of sheep that are mentioned. Jesus is our shepherd. He is THE master shepherd. He knows exactly what we need, feeds us, and takes care of us.

While sheep are sometimes considered not as smart as other animals, they do actually learn the voice of the shepherd. Sheep have also been known to display emotions. Do they come to love their shepherd? Sheep have large rectangle pupils and can see 360 degrees peripheral vision which means they can see when a predator is coming! And when sheep are under stress or in isolation, they often display signs of depression.

How similar the sheep is to us humans created by God. We come to love our Shepherd and recognize His voice. We need to have a large peripheral vision to see the trouble coming our way. We can get depressed when we are under stress or alone. No wonder He compares us to them!

Listen for your Shepherd. Learn to recognize His voice. Look out for things that will harm you. When you are alone or depressed, remember the Shepherd is still with you watching over you!


  1. I know that this is so true! I raised sheep for 4-H. That knowledge showed me at an early age how much the Lord loved me and he cared for me. Thank you for the reminder.

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