On our farm we have two ponds. Well, one is really a pond, and the other is when it rains a whole lot. Needless to say, this weekend there were two ponds.

I love to go down to them both just to stand or sit, watch, and listen. I especially like to go to the one that doesn’t hold much water unless it has rained a lot, because there’s a sound you can hear from a long ways away. When you get to the pond, the noise can be almost deafening. It is the sound of nature. It is the sound God created. It is, to me, a reminder who is in control.

I’ve mentioned before about noticing God all around us. It’s hard to miss this one! I love it! I guess this is just one of the reasons I love our farm, or as I usually say, the farm that God has given us. People often ask Chris or me if we are sure we are going to be okay living an hour away from Nashville? Are we sure we are going to be okay living in the country? Are we sure?

My answer is an overwhelming YES! I feel closer to God here. We have found a wonderful church home here. I am more at peace here than almost anywhere. So yes we are going to be okay with where God has led us. I cannot wait to see what He allows us to do with this farm life!

Here is the video of the pond I mentioned above. Be sure to have your sound turned up. Enjoy! It’s frogs by the way!


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