Don’t Say It!

There are words some people do not like to say or hear simply because they sound weird or remind them of something bad. Words like ‘juicy’ and ‘moist’ come to mind.

For me that word is ‘stomach.’ I don’t like the way it sounds or that it makes me think of my own.

For those that do not know, I have a disease called gastroparesis. Basically, my tummy doesn’t empty as fast as it should. Google it if you want to know more.

I did it to myself.

A few years ago, I was in the middle of a couple of problems. I remember walking around for at least a year with a feeling as if someone had their fist inside my gut constantly hitting. It was a huge bolder sitting there that never went away. I was not handling the stress of life’s choices – my own and others’.

When Jesus said don’t worry, He meant it. It does horrible things to our bodies.

But I have to wonder…did He worry? Did He ever have tummy issues as He walked this earth? He was under a tremendous amount of stress. Did He struggle not to sin? Did the actions of others cause Him stress? Was he sick to His tummy before His death?

Maybe. The Bible tells us He knows everything we go through because He went through it too.

I am choosing to believe Jesus did throw up sometimes. He did have to rush to find a bush because His bowels were about to explode.

He was only human after all. Jesus knew what to do. He went away alone and prayed to His Father.

We are only human too. God remembers that we are made from dust.

I have so many times asked for forgiveness for the worry and stress that caused my body, His temple, to be like it is. He forgives me each time.

And He loves me….unconditionally!

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