Wait for the Bus

Recently, I was speaking with someone on the phone. Our conversation led us to talking about our dads and their dementia. He said even though his dad was in an assisted living facility with dementia, he still knew when Sunday was coming. Saturday night, his dad would get dressed in his best Sunday suit and wait in the lobby for the bus to take him to worship.

Did you get that? Saturday night!

The nurses would say Mr. _______, you’ve got 8 hours until the bus comes. He would reply that he was waiting for it where he was so he could go to worship.

Mr. ______ had always made it a priority to go to worship every Sunday. Even though he couldn’t remember day to day things, he still deep down knew how important it is to worship his Creator and to get fellowship for himself.

I want it to be so ingrained in me, that when I lose my mind some day, I will still get dressed on Saturday night and…

wait for the bus.

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