One Last Time

When my Daddy died 10 years ago, my mom, oldest sister, and I were able to be by his bedside and watch him take his last breath. I know not everyone would feel this way, but I still consider it a blessing and a memory that will always be with me.

During Covid lockdown, there were many people who were hospitalized, and no one was allowed to visit them. The only company they had were the machines to which they were hooked and the nurses and doctors who occasionally came in the room. Sometimes if there was an iPad or phone available, a kind nurse or other hospital personnel would help them communicate by either a voice call or FaceTime.

I know of several people whose loved one died in the hospital, and they never got to see them.

They never got to hug them…one last time.

They never got to hold their hand…one last time.

They never got to kiss them…one last time.

They never got to say ‘I love you’…one last time.

So many questions. What kind of closure did they get?

When I leave the house to go to work each morning, I always tell my husband that I love him. When I talk on the phone or see my mom in person, I always tell her I love her. I tell my kids I love them. I tell my siblings I love them.

You never know when it will be your…

One last time.

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  1. Well said, as usual, Laura. Last week we traveled to Monroe for my Dad’s 90th birthday. It’s the first time I’ve seen him since the Pandemic started. And I know that it well could be the last time. I’m thankful for the hugs, visit and fellowship.

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