The Party

Don’t you love a good party? One where everyone is laughing, smiling and generally having a good time?

When I turned 50 (ahem) a few years ago, my sister, with my family’s help, threw me a surprise birthday party. I kind of found out about it and guessed what was going on, but I went along with the surprise. It was great! Wheelchair and all!

Being rolled and seeing family had traveled and friends had made the effort to be there made me feel very special and loved.

A lot has happened in the past few years, and I have lost touch with some of those people. But still the memories linger on in my mind.

Yes, parties are wonderful.

But not all parties.

There’s a party we all think we’d like to go to sometimes. We try to get others to go with us. We try to throw a special party but even in our own minds, it sounds awful.

I’m talking about the pity party.

We all seem to go to the party where we are the guest of honor and get to share our woes to the people we invite.

But honestly, who wants to go to that kind of party?!?

There is a huge difference in my mind between sitting down with a close friend and talking about life – good and bad, and constantly complaining to anyone who will listen.

We all need those times to what I call ‘vent.’ We need to get things of our chests. But we also need to go into life with a positive attitude.

I read a shared story this morning on FB from a friend’s post. Basically, a taxi driver had learned to soar like an eagle rather than quack like a duck. His business grew because of his attitude of not complaining. Google the story. It’s out there told by several people.

Choose today to throw a party that encourages people. Have a good attitude. Don’t quack like a duck. Soar like an eagle.

Party on!

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