It has been said, “If you have to ask if you can do or wear something, then you probably shouldn’t.”

When I was working at schools, fire / smoke alarms always had to be tested, just like we should at home. We were warned and tried to prepare the students for the loud sound. They would cover their ears and scream, “Why is it so loud?” Our reply was always, “So we can hear it and make sure we are all safe.”

Places of business and homes always have alarms, but did you know there’s an one that’s called a ‘trouble’ alarm. It only sounds in a certain area to let it be known there’s trouble like a faulty wire, fuse, or sensor. If the trouble alarm isn’t resolved, then an all out alarm sounds!

This got me thinking (of course). We as Christians have a ‘trouble’ alarm. We have the Holy Spirit within us often sounding an alarm, but we do not always listen to Him. He is there for our comfort, help and to be an Advocate for us (John 14:26).

Look for Him and listen for the alarms….the trouble alarm! Don’t let it become a full five alarm fire!

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