Sit Back, Enjoy the Show

I’ve been places like the circus, movies, concerts, etc. where they tell you to sit back and enjoy the show.

Many times the show was enjoyed, but sometimes it was not.

Lately, I can’t help but think satan is sitting back and enjoying the show.

The show of our social media posts, the show of how we treat each other, the show of how we speak at one another, the show of our news casts.

I picture him sitting back in his easy chair smiling, because it’s become easier for him. In some instances he doesn’t have to work much.

What is the solution? Prayer, kindness, being a light, being different. We need to make a difference every day even in some small way.

It’s overwhelming sometimes, and we will fail daily.

I am only one person, but I have an omnipotent God holding me up so my light can shine.

Make him work hard!

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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  1. Well said! We need to surround ourselves with Godly people as well!
    I am so grateful for your reminders to turn to God, His word, and to talk to Him in prayer.
    Thank you for using your talents to help me live a life pleasing to God and NOT Satan.

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