What’s On the Toilet Seat?

When I was a kid, there weren’t many things of which I was afraid. Fear is a learned behavior and wow, do we learn it!

A lot of fears we learn from life experiences, but some we learn from the grownups in our life. Regardless, those fears can leave us scared and / or scarred.

My mom alway said “Don’t sit on the toilet seat!” as if it was contaminated with the worst thing that would seep into my backside and kill me. “Always put paper down first,” she’d say. Now, of course, there are toilet seat covers for our convenience if we think there are flesh-eating microorganisms on that ring of white porcelain or plastic.

But these days there are worse things to catch and not from the toilet seat. It’s like a movie I once saw where a monkey brought a disease to the United States that caused a pandemic.

We wonder if things will ever be back to normal or is this the new normal? Some people are so scared, perhaps rightly so, but we cannot live our lives in fear of the unknown. We have to trust in the One who is holding the world in His hands.

No matter how afraid this world makes me or how many scars I get in this life, my soul is safe with the One who saved it and wrote my name in His book.

I always wondered what was on the toilet seat?

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