Let the Little Children

I love my job. Really. I am privileged to work in a Christian environment with a group of wonderful people. But the best part of it is the kids.

We have 17 kindergarteners. It is a delight to see their eyes light up when they get excited. They are always wanting hugs and saying they love us.

One of the best things is their thirst for Bible stories. Some of them have their own Bibles at school and try to follow along as we read the story of the day. They come up with questions that are hard to explain to their understanding. That’s when they know they just have to trust us.

Like God and me.

I don’t understand so much of this earthly life. There are a lot of questions why. I just have to trust. I have to remember God knows what I can handle and need. Just like a child. He tries to explain things, but I don’t always get it. I just have to trust.

“Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”  Matthew 19: 14

Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🍔 on Unsplash


  1. In the greatest sense of the word of God, you are blessed and chosen to teach the gospel. I’m so proud of you. Take care and God Bless you.

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