Driving through the Smoky Mountains, there are a couple of tunnels through which you must go. They are just long enough that your automatic headlights will probably switch on. One of the tunnels is beautiful with its stone arch formation and green overgrowth hanging down.

I read something this morning about tunnels. It said don’t focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. Focus on the light IN the tunnel.

This is a concept I don’t think I’ve ever heard or thought about before now, but I like it!

We all have the tunnels of problems, pain, and troubles through which we have to travel. We can keep our focus on the end of it where the light is shining, but we can also look at the Light that is in the tunnel with us. God is there closest to us when we are in the deepest, darkest part of the tunnel.

When I was a kid and we drove through a tunnel, my daddy would always honk the horn and inevitably someone would honk back. So, as we drove through the Smoky Mountain tunnels, we honked. We got a honk back a couple of times.

The next time you drive through a tunnel, honk your horn and remember that God is in there with you!

Tunnel on New Found Gap Rd - Bild från Newfound Gap Road, Great ...

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