Deep Muddy Waters

This past weekend we were blessed to go camping with some family and friends. We had a great time with beautiful weather! It was good to get away from the disruptions going on in life.

On Saturday we went down to the river to try our hands at fishing. My husband and I purchased a hunting and fishing license this year in our process to become more self-reliant and since we live so close to the Duck River now.

There was one place we knew led down to the river, a paved path wide enough to drive a car down and let a boat in the water. When we got there, a few others were already enjoying the river. However, it was very muddy, high and swift. But that didn’t matter to one family. The mom and dad had their kids out in the middle of the river where it, surprisingly, was only waist deep.

The kids didn’t have on life jackets, nor did the parents, but they did have life rafts. The kids were in the rafts with the parents holding on to a rope. I just kept hoping the parents held on tight and didn’t let go allowing the raft with the kids in it to wash down the river. The water was so swift, they had a hard time getting out when they were done!

As I stood at the bank trying to fish (it was so swift and loud there were no fish around!), I watched that family. I couldn’t help make the parallel of God and me. So many times I get out in life’s river without wearing my life jacket in my raft, and God is holding my rope. He holds me when I get into swift muddy waters. He doesn’t and will not let go! And He helps me get out!

I am thankful for a God who loves me that much…even more than those parents in the river holding the raft’s rope. He not only holds my rope and won’t let go, but He is my Anchor!

Photo by Oscar Helgstrand on Unsplash

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