As I type this blog post, I hear hammering, noisy men, generators, heavy boots walking, and other typical construction noise. We are in the process of finishing our attic into an apartment, and all the men are here working…contractor, electricians, carpenters, and AC men.

While I’m thrilled we are finishing the attic and will have more room for guests or anyone who is in need, it is a disruption to life. Not only is there a lot of noise, but they come down in my house to use my restroom :O, smoke outside, and dirty up things I know I’ll have to clean.

But that is life, isn’t it? There are disruptions and things can get dirty. This is the main way we learn life’s lessons and grow our faith in God.

There are many stories in the Bible about people’s lives being disrupted. Mary’s life was turned upside down when an angel told her she’d get pregnant. The apostles lives were discombobulated when they decided to follow Jesus. And the ultimate example is of course, Jesus, whose life while He was here on earth was one of unsettling incidents and eventual death.

So, I will not complain. I will choose to look at the positive. To think about how nice it will all be when completed and how much we’ll be able to bless others!

Bring on the disruptions!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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