Not So Super

Yesterday as we watched the Super Bowl activities, I couldn’t help but feel so sad.

A video was shown accompanying Johnny Cash’s Old Ragged Flag which I had never heard before, and it brought me to tears. Then there were the WWII veterans that were honored at the coin toss which again brought me to tears.

What was so sad, you might ask?

As the camera spanned over the players, I couldn’t help thinking about the state of our country today. We are trying to oust an elected president. A lot of us live in this country and take it for granted. Some of us disrespect the flag and the anthem.

Most of us don’t get it. We don’t get how our country could be, where we would be, if all those veterans hadn’t fought in all those wars and battles for our freedom. Some lost physical body parts, their families, and some gave the ultimate sacrifice.

If American had to go to war today, would we have the kind of men and women to step up and go? I’m not so sure.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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