The Loneliest

Often here on our farm, we hear coyotes howling. While it is one of the eeriest sounds, it is perhaps the loneliest sound you’ll ever hear.

I read an article of a study done that lists risk factors on loneliness as one gets older. I can see that in some of the older people I know, but I don’t think one has to be old to feel lonely.

Jesus often went away to be alone and pray. I think there were many times He was surrounded by people but felt lonely.

Just like we do.

Jesus knew to Whom He could go for recharging from His life here on this earth and to get rid of that lonely feeling.

Just like we can.

It is said “one is the loneliest number,” and I believe sometimes it is. But as a Christian, we are never truly alone.

Sometimes, we need to be all by ourselves in order to “be still and know.”

Photo by Julian Rotert on Unsplash

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