Into the Mud

As many of you know, we just built a house and moved into it New Year’s Day. While we are so excited to finally be here in our new city and new house, there are a couple of things that need touch up or help.

One of those things is our yard. We have not seeded it yet, and because of all the rain we’ve had, it is literally a mud pit.

It reminds me of Job. During his complaint to God about how bad his life is, he says in chapter 30 verse 19,

He throws me into the mud,
    and I am reduced to dust and ashes.

Life can be like that for sure. We feel like we’ve been thrown into the mud where it’s hard to walk, stand upright, or even move.

Those muddy days of life, we feel stuck. We question God. We have so many problems that make us immobile. Those are days when there’s definitely not going to be any running.

But we all know that after the rain comes the sun.

God never leaves us in the mud for long. He will bring us out if we have faith and wait on Him.

While we are in the mud, maybe we need to look around at others who are in the mud with us. Can we help them?

Perhaps we can learn something about ourselves while we are stuck in the mud. Job sure did!

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