The Strong Ones

When I was a kid, my Daddy seemed bigger than life and so strong. I can remember riding on my Daddy’s shoulders, watching him dive off the diving board, and jumping the ocean waves holding his hand.

Yesterday, these memories and more came to mind as I was privileged to participate in a podcast talking about being a strong woman.

We are strong when we have to be. When there is no other choice, we stand our ground and survive.

It’s not easy dealing with aging parents.

When we are kids, our parents are the ones who have all the answers. They are the ‘go to’ for everything from money to advice.

But one of the hardest things is when they are not the strong ones anymore.

Sometimes it seems like it happens overnight, but in reality it is a gradual thing. One day we wake up and it seems like we’ve become their parents having to make all the decisions regarding them.

Like a parent of kids, a lot of decisions are hard to make but necessary.

I don’t know how people survive without the peace and guidance of God.

I pray you have that peace today!

Photo by Liv Bruce on Unsplash

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