Happily Ever After

I am a sucker for a good romantic story. One that ends in ‘happily ever after.’ There have been many stories written and movies made that catch our hearts and emotions and put smiles on our faces.

But one of the best love stories ever written is in the book of Ruth in the Bible. After much tragedy in Ruth’s life, she finally meets the godly man of her dreams in Boaz. She stays faithful to God and her family. Ruth and Boaz marry and live happily ever after. They were David’s great grandparents, and as we know, Jesus was born through their lineage.

It is interesting to study the culture during the times of Boaz and Ruth. When a woman’s husband died, the next of kin, if he was able, was responsible to take her as his wife and thus carry on the family line. That man was called the redeemer. I imagine it was a relief to know you, as a widow alone, were going to be taken care of by your redeemer.

This so closely parallels our love story with Jesus. When we were lost and alone, He came in as our Redeemer. Jesus gave up everything He was in Heaven to come and redeem us. He died for us. It is the best love story!

Jesus gives us our ‘happily ever after.’

Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash

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