Time by Gerry Burton

Sitting alone during a thunderstorm,
Watching my life hasten on its way,
Thinking how life's patterns form,
What have I done with today?

Is there some word I should have said?
Should I have stopped a moment to pray?
Is there some cause I should have pled?
What did I do with yesterday?

Nature is God so beautiful and bold,
Outshining all our times of sorrow.
Let's tell the story so often told.
That's what I'll do with my tomorrow!

Gerry Burton is Chris’s grandmother, my grandmother-in-law. She will be 102 years old this Christmas Day!


  1. What a great Poem! We often wonder were the time goes with our lives. To share our Lord with others and to Love God with our all is the most important things we can and must do each day! Thanks for the reminder Ms. Gerry Burton.

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