Young and Dumb

As kids we take so many things for granted. No matter what any adult says about time passing quickly, we still aren’t paying attention. We sometimes go about selfishly living with no regard to others, our parents, money, and often even God.

But one thing I really took for granted was my Daddy being around. As a traveling salesman, he was gone most Mondays through Thursdays. I have fond memories of him bringing me his Cracker Jack prize from one of the snacks he liked to have on the road. The prizes back then were much better than they are today!

Another thing I took for granted was my Daddy’s singing. He could sing a hymn so beautifully with his baritone voice. Sometimes even today when we are singing an older hymn, I can hear him singing.

Perhaps he is!

As parents and even as an older adult, don’t we wish we could some how get it into the younger generation’s heads to wake up! Realize that these are some of the best times of life. They will pass by so quickly. Get right with God now. Build a faith now that will last through the coming tough times.

But would they really listen? Did we?

What do you wish someone had told you when you were growing up? Would it have made a difference?

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

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