The Word

Many years ago, my husband bought me one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. He bought be a leather covered Bible with my name engraved on the front in gold letters. I then purchased a nice case for it with pockets and places for pens.

Within those pocket I keep things special and memorable to me. There are funeral announcements of loved ones gone, poems, letters and notes from special people, bookmarks from former students, and other things.

But the most important thing in my Bible are the words written there. We take that for granted so much. Here in the USA we don’t have to smuggle Bibles in and hide them for fear of being arrested. We all have several on shelves probably getting dusty.

Sometimes I like to take out all those things I have in my Bible and slowly look at it all remembering the people and times gone by. When I die, I want my kids to go through it and see the memories, see the things I think are special to me. They may not know everything or everyone associated with the things there, but perhaps they’ll see a little part of me.

As they look through my Bible and see the pages worn down and yellowed, one thing I pray my kids will do is to not focus on those things in the pockets but focus on the words written from God.

What’s in your Bible?

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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