At Their Mercy

Have you ever really thought about how much we are at the mercy of the medical personnel in our lives?

Recently, I had some tests done. One of them was a CT scan. If you’ve never had a CT, they put you in a donut type machine. Sometimes with an IV that pumps a substance called contrast into your body. They tell you to drink a lot of water after to flush out the contrast. I wonder what it would do if you didn’t? They don’t tell you that!

Then, of course, you have to wait to be told the results. My CT was on a Friday, so I had to wait the weekend to be told anything they saw.

One of my results was astounding! My prostate is enlarged!

Now, if you know anything about men and women, women don’t have a prostate! What?!?


When I asked my doctor about this, she said there had been an error, and they were submitting a new report.

Ya think?!

Bottom line is we are at the mercy of the medical field. While they are necessary for our health, we need to be bold enough to stand up for ourselves and those who cannot stand. We need to question anything that feels off to us.

Doctors and nurses put their pants on just like we do. One leg at a time. I don’t care how many letters you have after your name, you are just a person who can make errors too. They aren’t gods.

So, ask any question. Make them spend time with you. When you get a survey from the medical facility, fill it out.

Stand up even though we are at their mercy.

Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

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