She hears a car door slam. He’s home. She’s worked her job all day. Helped the kids with homework. Fixed dinner for all. What mood will he be in tonight?

He walks in the door, and she waits with bated breath. Everything is wrong. She can’t do anything right. He yells, screams, and worse blaming her for everything. She takes it all.

Still she stays.

She pulls in the driveway. She gets to the front door. Hand on the doorknob, she takes a deep breath. She can hear the kids screaming; can hear him screaming back. What awaits her tonight? More of the same? Worse? Would tonight be the night it would all end?


Her hand drops from the doorknob. She turns around and gets back into her car. She drives. She leaves and isn’t coming back. Not for a long time. If ever.

Is she wrong? Is she crazy? Has she let everyone down? Does it matter? If she stays, she’ll lose herself even more. She’ll go crazy for sure, and she may even die.

It is a choice. To stay or leave. Don’t judge unless you’ve walked in her shoes. She knows the consequences and has to live with them. No one that knows her will ever look at her the same.

But she doesn’t care. She knows God has forgiveness for her decision to put herself first. If she hadn’t, where would she be?

Photo by Renee Fisher on Unsplash

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