Change. We all go through it. Bad or good, it can be very hard.

Sometimes, I think about what it must have been like in the Eden for Adam and Eve. Before sin entered the world. Everything perfect. No weeds. No stink bugs. No looking down to see you are bleeding. No new bruise found. No pain. I cannot imagine what it must have been like!

Then everything changed.

Can you imagine? To go from perfection to awfulness? To go from that personal, intimate, talking with God side by side to being ashamed of yourself so that you are hiding?

Don’t you know Adam and Eve probably sat around sometimes talking and reminiscing about what it used to be like? The ‘what ifs’ of not sinning.

We do that too. We talk about ‘the good ole days’ remembering what used to be.

Sometimes, we blame Adam and Eve for the change from Eden to this sinful place we live in now.

But if one of them had not sinned, I would have. Or you would have.

We are only dust, after all.

Photo by Paul Robert on Unsplash

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