I’ve talked in my blog before about how much I like music. And I’ve mentioned older hymns we sometimes sing and how I really like some of them. I also love knowing the story behind them, if there is one.

The story behind one of them says, there was a musician who was sitting beside a dying neighbor. The musician asked the dying man if he knew where he would spend eternity. The neighbor answered, “Where could I go but to the Lord.” And so the hymn was written a few years later.

When I am in the depths of despair, where could I go but to the Lord?

When I am in the midst of this life’s highs, where could I go but to the Lord?

Who else understands me like He does? Who else can I bare my soul to but Jesus? He knows everything anyway.

These past few years have been hard ones for one reason or another. Looking back, I can see God in everything. I can see the why of most things, even if the why was to just bring me closer to Him in prayer. My prayer life has grown so much over these past few challenges. For when this life hits us hard, where can we go but to the Lord?

And when this life is over, where could I go but to the Lord?

Photo by 贝莉儿 NG on Unsplash

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