Do You Hear It?

There are several passages in the Bible that mention hissing. For most of us, the word hiss has a negative connotation. Snakes do it, and we don’t like snakes. People do it to each other. Sometimes it’s a warning.

But in the Bible it is both positive and negative.

Shepherds were plentiful, tending their sheep. Jesus is called our Shepherd, and we are His sheep.

The shepherds would make a musical instruments out of a reed that made not only music but a hissing sound. When the sheep heard the music, it calmed them. But when they heard the hissing sound, they gathered together and stayed together as long as that hiss was being played.

Today, we need to do more stopping and listening. It seems the world drowns out our Shepherd’s hissing at us. When is the last time you heard it?

Can you hear God’s hissing? Can hear His flute playing for you?

Photo by Aswin Thekkoot on Unsplash

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