How many times have you been innocent but proclaimed guilty by association? Maybe you stood accused and were guilty?

When we do wrong things, we can ask for forgiveness and receive it. We know we’re forgiven, and we try to move on, but unfortunately, there can be reminders.

Some of the reminders come from people who are friends. They don’t mean to be a reminder. Some of them are people who were accused falsely, and they are still confused and trying to move on as well. They were proclaimed guilty by association.

This reminds me of the song Guilty by Association. Y’all know I like music, and there are lot of songs that go with an idea or thought. This happens to be one of them, only not in the way you think. If you don’t know this song, it says we WANT to be guilty by association. Association with Jesus!

The song talks about how this world has changed. How God used to be in school, etc.

If one day it becomes against the law to worship God, will we stand up and be guilty by association?

What will you do if someone has a gun to your head and asks if you believe in God? Will you say no and deny Him? Or will you say yes only to be killed?

Photo by Kay on Unsplash

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