The Air I Breathe

One Sunday after worship, I was in the restroom before class time. There was a young mother in there crying. Being new to this congregation, I didn’t know her. I asked if she was okay, and she said yes as she wiped her eyes. I told her I cry a lot too. So much so that my husband says I need to go to the cry room that we have for babies that are crying! She smiled a little. I told her I didn’t know how everyone didn’t cry at worship thinking about what God has done for us! She agreed.

Sometimes it takes my breath away! When pictures are put up on the screen during the Lord’s Supper that display Jesus on the Cross. Or when I read about the Crucifixion of Christ.

For me!

It gets hard to breathe. Until I realize He is the air that I breathe. He is the sustainer of this life I live. He is the One who gives life. He is the One who breathed the breath of life into Adam years ago. And He is the One who keeps me going day after day.

I don’t know what that young mother was crying about, only that we’ve all been there. If you haven’t cried at worship, then I have to ask why not? Do you not see it? Do you not feel it?

He is the air I breathe!

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