Isn’t God amazing! Sometimes when we praise Him in prayer, the words don’t seem good enough, big enough.

Around our little cabin in Columbia, there are a lot of plants that attract butterflies.

This little beauty rode with me on the mower for about 30 minutes yesterday. I was taken in by its tenacity to hang on. At one point it spread its wings as if to say, “Whee!”

I am amazed at their flight patterns. How can they fly around so fast and not just fall to the ground with dizziness? It makes me dizzy just trying to watch them and keep up.

But we can certainly learn lessons from them. There are so many times in this life that we are flying around in a dangerous flight pattern, so dizzy that we are in danger of falling to the ground. Maybe there are times it cannot be helped. Circumstances beyond our control have taken over. But we aren’t ever in control.

Sometimes we just need to land, spread our wings, and rest along for the ride because God has our flight pattern. He has our landing gear waiting. He will bring us safely home.

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  1. What a good analogy, and…..I didn’t know you have a place in Columbia! I’ve been living in Columbia several years now! Small world!

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