At one of my jobs in the past, there was a young girl working in the section next to me. She was engaged but would flirt endlessly with one of my coworkers. As a Christian I believed I should let him know she was engaged, so I did. In turn that girl told a bunch of lies about me to my boss. My boss called me in to ask me about them, and they were lies I couldn’t defend. It was a she said/she said matter.

How often do we, especially as Christians, stand up for what is right or for people we care about? It is not easy to do sometimes. Satan makes us afraid of what may happen if we do. Sometimes bad things happen. Things we don’t deserve. Maybe even death. It is a choice.

It all boils down to ethics. What is your personal ethic? What is your work ethic? Do you go above and beyond, or do you just do what is required and no more? Do you often say, “That’s not my job?” What would others say about you if they were asked how ethical you are?

I don’t think we talk about it enough today, because I’m seeing a lot of people without ethics. They are only out for number one, themselves. They don’t stand up for anyone who is in trouble. They don’t stand up for God and what is right.

The next time you have a chance, go above and beyond what is expected of you. Some may notice, but some may not. God will always know!

By the way, that girl who accused me falsely….the police came and arrested her right out of her desk two weeks later for drug charges.


  1. You’re so right….our culture no longer respects or promotes ethics and it shows in the rising crime rates, theft from job sites, increased acceptance of adultery and other forms of cheating, turning blind eyes to wrongdoing and sin, etc.
    This entry ended a bit humorously, though, with your coworker’s true colors eventually being shown !

  2. Spot on….our culture is failing miserably at discussing the weight of ethics, teaching ethics to the next generation, and, for some, acting with no ethics.
    The end of your post was sweet, seeing the coworker’s true colors revealed!

    1. I have no idea how I posted two comments….the first one did not confirm as going through so I rewrote one. Sorry!

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