The Roots

We are camping this weekend. We love to camp! To get out in God’s creation, to wander about seeing His beauty.

But in that beauty can also sometimes be destruction.

We came across this tree…

Or at least what’s left of the tree. I couldn’t help but to take a picture and share my thoughts about it. Look closely. Of course the tree has fallen over. But look inside what’s left of the root system. Can you see all the rocks?

I can’t help but apply this concept to our lives. Don’t we sometimes feel like this tree? We are hit with rocks which are our problems. So many sometimes, they overwhelm us. They dig deep into us and get in our root system which, of course, is our faith in God. We let them sit there and get deeper and deeper until one day, they’ve reached our roots and….we fall over.

We fall over because we let all the cares of this world take over. We fall because we’ve made choices that go against God’s will for us. We fall because our root system is destroyed.

I admit, I am struggling with this now. I am praying constantly for God to give me His peace and wisdom as I deal with my own rocks. I am praying for His guidance. I want to know He has opened these doors for me to walk through to do His will. Deep down in my roots, I know He is in control. I am thankful for that, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 50+ years, it is that I am NOT in control.

Never was; never will be!

I just need YOU! (I love this song!)

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