Have you ever thought about why Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt when she disobeyed God’s order not to look back as Sodom and Gomorrah were being destroyed?

I love it when I’m reading my Bible and come across something I’ve never taken note of before. This morning was the phrase ‘covenant of salt.’ God had established a covenant with David and his descendants using salt.

So, what is the significance of salt? We know it is used as a preserver of food. We know it was valuable and has been used as currency in the past. We know it can enhance our food’s taste.

But why a covenant of salt? Why not just say ‘we promise’ and be done? Why was Lot’s wife made into a pillar of salt? Why not just zap her?

Have you ever put too much salt on your food? When we do this, it becomes inedible. But when we put just the right amount, it tastes wonderful! Have you ever had salt touch an open wound? Very painful!

God knew way back then how important salt would be in our lives is so many different ways. Jesus talked about it. We are to be the salt of the earth. What does that mean? What are supposed to look like? Are we too salty? Can you be too salty? Is it a matter of finding the right balance of ‘tasting just right’ to those people to whom we are witnessing?

The next time you salt your food, remember God’s covenant of salt. Remember we are the salt of the earth. Be salt but not too salty! As the saying goes, don’t pour salt into an open wound.

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