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I often think about what it would have been like to be face to face with Jesus every day and night as one of his followers when He was here on the earth. I think in most ways it would have been too wonderful for words.

However, I also know He would have looked at me with so much love in His eyes and seen my sin…past, present, and future.

Like Peter, what if Jesus had asked me face to face if I love Him? What if Jesus had looked straight into my eyes after I had denied knowing Him three times? What if Jesus had looked at me as He hung on the cross?

But is it any different today? In a way yes, but in another way, no. Jesus left the Holy Spirit for us, and as Christians we have the Holy Spirit in us. I know I feel Him when I do wrong or when I need to do something God wants me to do. So, in a way that is Jesus looking at me face to face.

One day I will be able to look my Savior in the eyes. We will be face to face. How will I react? What will He say?

How will you react? What will He say to you?


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  1. Hi Laurel, I really like today’s blog! It truly is what the Holly Spirit is all about from one believer to another.

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