At what age do we learn things are not always as they seem? When do we come to know we have to dig deeper to find truth?

Last week on a trip, I went to a known taxidermy place in North Carolina. I had heard people talk about it and how wonderful it is. When you walk in the door, it is overwhelming. There are animals we see everyday, and there are exotic animals. Rooms full of them!

As I walked along, I couldn’t help but wonder why? Why did these people kill all of these animals? Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s okay to kill animals that are dangerous or animals you are going to eat. But as I walked I was thinking there’s no way they could eat a whole elephant or a lion, right?


When I came to the giraffe, there was a piece of paper under it with a picture of an African tribe leader. That paper told of the tribe that got food that day. They got to eat the giraffe! As I walked on, I learned that the only thing these people bring home is the skin and head of the animals they kill.

I can’t say for sure all of the animals killed weren’t just for fun, but I am going to choose to believe these people are better than to kill God’s creation for fun.

Images from Wilderness Taxidermy. http://www.wildernesstaxidermy.com/

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