In the Deep

When I was a kid, our family would go to Jacksonville Beach, Florida every summer. My Daddy had been in the Navy and had a friend who lived there. I have so many memories. My Daddy taught us not to be afraid of the waves but to get right out there in them and jump!

Perhaps that is why I love the beach! I love the smell as soon as you get out of the car! That salty smell. The sand in your toes. The sounds of the ocean.

It always reminds me of Peter in Matthew 14 when he saw Jesus walking on the water and asked to come to Jesus. Peter had the courage to get out of the boat. He had the courage to start his walk to Jesus, but along the way, he took his eyes off his goal-Jesus-and began sinking.

Isn’t that what we do? When the water starts to get rough, when the sharks are all around us, we take our eyes of Jesus, and we start to sink.

I love the song Oceans. Listen to it when you get a chance. Carefully hear the words.

We need to try to keep our heads above the waves of this earth and its problems. Don’t let ourselves get thrown about by the waves so that we hit the rocks. Keep our eyes on Jesus. When the waters rise and we get in deep, know He is with us. Have faith. Like Peter, we will fail, but take Jesus’ hand and let Him pull you up!

Photo by Victor Carvalho on Unsplash

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