From the Belly

Sometimes I get a lot of blonde jokes told to me either by email or to my face. And that’s okay, although I’m not sure why we blondes get the brunt of these jokes!

It’s okay because I love to laugh! The kind of laugh that’s from the belly. The kind of deep down, wet your pants, cry your eyes out kind of laugh.

My daddy liked to laugh. Maybe that’s where I get it. But I also think I get it from my Heavenly Father too.

If you look around and do things like ‘people watching,’ you’ll soon see God’s humor in us humans, the animals He created, and other things in His creation. I think God likes to laugh.

Laughter is one thing we can always have with us no matter what our circumstances. Laughter is healing. Laughter makes your heart lighter.

Laugh! Laugh at yourself. Laugh with others!

Photo by Dan Cook on Unsplash

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