Another Commercial!?!

I don’t like commercials (except during the super bowl)! I think most people feel that way. When watching TV and commercials come on, sometimes I will make a comment on them. My husband’s replay to me is, “Well, they made you remember it.” And that’s true!

However, when I was a kid, I loved commercials. When we would watch TV back then, my daddy always had what he called ‘tickling time at the commercial.’ My sister and I loved it! We knew when the program was at a break, we would have our daddy’s undivided attention and he was going to tickle us! We just hoped we didn’t wet our pants!

While I don’t like to watch commercials, I wouldn’t have those memories with my daddy if it weren’t for them.

Just like with my earthly daddy, my Heavenly Father sends me commercials. I need to remember to look forward to them just as much as I did when I was a kid. The reminders daily of His love for me, whether through people, animals, things, His Word, and answered prayers are all His commercials to me.

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