Yesterday, my heart was heavy. As I was running some errands, I met a friend whom I haven’t seen in a while. When I asked her how she was doing, she said okay like she wasn’t okay. I asked her what was going on, and she told me she was getting divorced.

So many around me, family and friends, are or are getting divorced. I know that circumstances happen. I know that one person cannot make a marriage work if the other doesn’t want it. I know that we are all human and make mistakes. Most of all, I know how hard making marriage work can be, and you cannot do it by yourself.

One other thing I know. I know what God means when He says He hates divorce. I know the pain that it causes because I’ve seen it very close to me. I guess we think that our sins and selfishness don’t effect anyone else, but there is such a ripple to our wrong that extends way out to people we may not even know.

I think leaving a marriage is the easy out. Staying seems to be the hardest. After the divorce, you don’t see that person every single day like you have to when you are staying to work things out. When you are staying, you have to relive that hurt again and again. You have to forgive over and over.

I know we live in a fallen world. We all do wrong things and no one is better than anyone else. But sometimes I want to scream to myself and others to WAKE UP! Be better than what I have been in the past. Be better than the selfishness that is living so rampantly in this world. Be what Christ was when He was here.

It all starts with me… and you.

Photo by Jackson Hendry on Unsplash

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