Have you ever been asked “What’s it worth to you?” You can probably answer yes to this question. There are different contexts in which this is asked, but here is my thinking.

Yesterday at worship I was reminded of worth. Only this was probably not the kind you’re thinking. There are different kinds of worth.

As I think about of the ‘stuff’ I have; all the things that God has given me, especially those things I think are worth something or others might think are worth something, I can’t help but remember that they aren’t really mine. We don’t own anything, not really.

In this world most of us are over spending on things, and we are in debt. Are we trying to buy happiness? Are we trying to impress others? Why? None of it is important. Living the best life here that we can, loving others, and sharing Jesus are the most important things.

Get what I’m saying here. Things are going to burn up some day. People, who are worth more to us than things, I hope, will die or betray us. So, the things and people we deem worth a lot, we still cannot own or possess. We have them for a short time, and then they are gone.

So, think about this. When Jesus comes back, what is going to be worth a lot to us then? This is how we need to live our lives, I think. As if Jesus is coming back today and none of this matters. I’m not saying we don’t need to plan when and where we can and love where we can. I’m saying we need to be ready and know what is important.

We need to lay our treasures up in Heaven (Matthew 6:19-20).

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