Farm Life

There are many chores to do on the farm! This time of year, they seem to pick up and there’s more to do than in the winter when things are somewhat idle.

As I do some of these chores or watch Chris doing them 😉, I cannot help but see God or Godly things in them sometimes.

We have a long, beautiful peat gravel path. As I pulled weeds in that path today, I couldn’t help but remember Jesus’s parable in Matthew 13 about the different kinds of soil. Some of the weeds I pulled were easy to come out while others were more stubborn. It all had to do with their root systems. We are like that too. If our roots are shallow, we will fall over at the slightest pull or breeze. If our roots are deep like a tree’s, we will only bend and not break.

I’m not saying we won’t lose some bark along the way or have some insects attack us. We all have problems. We always will in this fallen world. But to be able to deal with them and survive them, we have to have our roots in the One who made it all and Who can save us from it all!

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