What does this word make you think about? Do you see it as a negative word? If you do, let me see if I can change your mind.

When I walk in my neighborhood each day, I listen to Toby Mac radio on the Pandora app. Yes, I know he’s wrapper, but I like his message, and there are other Christian artists’ songs played as well. One of his songs called Love Feels Like has a line in it. “Empty never felt so full.”

As I walked, I thought about these words. I need to empty myself to be full of God. I want God to scoop out all the dredge that lays on the bottom so He can fill me up completely. I don’t think anyone ever accomplishes this in a lifetime. We are human and sinners and will always struggle in this world, but we can give it our best shot. Emptiness is defined as vacant, unoccupied and without cargo or load. Wow! Isn’t that what Jesus said to do? Bring Him our load, and He will carry it for us?

There’s an old hymn called Just As I Am that I love, but I love it even more because of the words a musician has added. One of the lines says “I come empty to be filled.” When is the last time you tried to go to God empty? He accepts us just as we are when we go to Him, but if we are trying to become better each day, we also need to be emptying ourselves daily.

Being empty means we can be full of God and His Spirit. Are you empty today or at least striving to be emptied?

Photo by Teodor Bjerrang on Unsplash

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