Farm Life

Some of you know that my husband and I have a farm. We own 95 acres in Columbia, TN, and we are currently building a barndominium there. Lord willing we will be moving down there this year. If you don’t know what a barndominium is, you can google it, but it is part house, part barn.

God has especially blessed us to be able to own this land. The beauty of His creation there is all around from the sunshine, rain, and animals. When we are there, it is like going back into the past where there aren’t any semi trucks running down our street and the only gun shots we hear are from hunters. To get a rest from city life, to be able to walk in the square downtown and shop at the local stores, and to sit on the porch with a cup of coffee is a great blessing.

But with great blessing, come great responsibility. It is my prayer that God help us to use this farm in the future to benefit others. I want to grow food to eat ourselves and share with others, to try to produce products that benefit our lives and others’, and to have animals. I want people to be able to enjoy the farm too. We have a cabin there now and may turn it into a place for others to come and stay to get away from busy city life.

Jesus often went away by Himself to regenerate. Do you have a place to get away? I hope you do.

Sunrise on our farm.


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