We moved into our new house on New Year’s Day this year. It has been a long 10 year process of buying the land, waiting until our girls graduated high school, and building.

Along the way in those 10 years, we’ve enjoyed the time spent at the farm especially when our girls got to come also. We have seen many things and had great experiences that will only continue in the coming years.

One thing in particular that we have seen and still see frequently are the many deer. I love to watch them, so graceful as they run, jump a 5 foot fence, or graze on the hillside. We have to remind ourselves when driving to always look out for them crossing or sometimes even just standing in the road.

Even though it’s been 10 years of seeing them, when I do, I just stop everything and thank God.

I thank God for the reminder that He is still in control. Even though things in the world may be crazy, His creation is still here.

However long God lets me live, I pray I never, ever lose the awe I feel when seeing His deer or any of His creation.

Duck Trace Farm February 2019

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