Always Listening

I love to watch tennis especially when the big tournaments are being played. It’s fun to see the top players try to out smart and out hit each other. I don’t know how they hit the ball so hard!

A couple of days ago, I was watching one of my favorite players. He is always one of the top seeds, and I wonder how much longer he can play at that level as he gets older.

During one of the games in the match, he was penalized, but perhaps not for what you think. He didn’t hit the ball out or serve it into the net.

He cursed.

And guess what? The line judge heard it.

The line judges not only call the balls in and out, but they are also listening. If they hear any cursing, they are supposed to report it to the chair umpire.

He got caught. He said he didn’t remember cursing. Can it be so familiar in his everyday talk that he doesn’t even remember doing it?

Don’t we do the same things? We go through life like we are the only ones around doing and saying whatever we want. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are sinning because it’s become too familiar.

We need to remember someone is always listening and watching. Even if we are alone, Someone is watching.

It reminds me of a children’s song but should be applied to us adults too!

Oh, be careful little mouth what you say. Oh, be careful little hands what you do. Oh, be careful little feet where you go. For the Father up above is looking down in tender love, oh be careful…


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