When I was a kid, I remember lying to my mom about something. I hated when I did something wrong. So, I went back and told her the truth. I felt so guilty.

I am still that way today even though I do wrong stuff all the time. When I know I’ve done something wrong, or am shown it, I feel awful inside. Sometimes to the point of being physically sick.

We sing a song sometimes in worship called Light the Fire. The words are ‘Light the fire in my weary soul. Fan the flame. Make me whole. Lord you know where I’ve been, so light the fire in my heart again.”

There is something in each of us that is given by God, our Creator. Some have more of it than others, while some have lost it all.

I am talking about our conscience.

Why is it that some people have a huge conscience and some don’t have one at all it seems? How do we lose it? Do we rationalize our actions and the actions of others so much, so often, we don’t even realized what is right and wrong anymore? And our conscience just ebbs away?

Why don’t we let ourselves think we are doing any wrong? We rationalize actions that are wrong, and then we go sit in a pew on Sunday mornings worshiping the God who gave us the conscience we don’t use anymore.

We have quenched the Spirit.

We have taken something wonderful that God gave us and are daily quenching it by not thinking about and analyzing our actions and words. Every single action and word.

Are you quenching the Spirit of God today? Are you using your conscience? Do you still have one? Does your flame need to be rekindled or even lit again?

Photo by Yaoqi LAI on Unsplash

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