Recently, my daily Bible reading has been in 2 Chronicles. It is an account of the kings of Israel and Judah, the two divided kingdoms of God’s people at the time.

It is interesting how few of those kings followed God, and most of them had idols to worship other gods. God’s anger was kindled against them many, many times, and He wanted to destroy them, but didn’t because of His promise to David.

Is it possible we don’t think of God today as the God of the Old Testament? He is still that same jealous God.

I have to wonder how many times God’s anger is kindled against me. How many times has He wanted to kill me because of my idolatry? Oh, I don’t worship an image made of gold, silver, or some other man made substance. But I do have idols. We all do. We all struggle with putting people or things before our Creator, who is the only One to be worshipped.

I am thankful to God that He remembers His own Son, my Savior, when He wants to put me to death for my wrong doing. I am thankful He sees Jesus when He looks at me. I am thankful He relents, maybe He shakes His head, smiles, and remembers Jesus died for me. Maybe He remembers that I am just made from dust.

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  1. Such good pondering….we should all wonder how often God’s anger burns toward us. Today’s culture seems to have adopted an image of God Almighty as an impotent, kindly grandfather type of character, but that idea does not square with Scripture. He does love us and, through Christ, we are extended grace, but our Creator is no creampuff figurehead.
    I totally agree with you, too, in that we all have false idols whether they’re golden calves or not. I’m enjoying your blog!

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